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Google+ Room for 1 More Social Network?

Room for 1 More Social Network?

Google +

I was lucky enough this week to get my Google+ beta invite and ever since I’ve been poking around and playing to get a feel for it. There’s already a cornucopia of blog posts laying out all the best tricks and tools in Google+ so I’m not going to go there…BUT instead offer some of my perspective about where I see it going and how it will be used.

Right away I’m loving it! The dashboard is very clean and fresh and there’s a high quality of social savvy content primarily because of the users. Currently it’s the Social Media elite sharing all their favorite articles and insights although I’ve already spotted some bad push messaging of Real Estate listings (What was he thinking? ~ Block!)


Anyway…the good news is (and probably the biggest news) Circles allows you to control what posts you’re seeing and what posts your contacts will see as well. See Google understands that we share different things with different people ~ here’s the primary difference between Facebook and Google+.
On Facebook it all goes out to everyone on the public feed. On Google+ you can literally focus on different groups. For instance: Real Estate info will likely not be of interest to my social media peeps, and my pictures of my kids may only be interesting to my friends and family. The privacy levels are much higher and will surely be attractive to many (Am thinking the younger generation who don’t want their parents ‘friending’ them on Facebook for instance.)


One of my favorite features is Sparks. Sparks has organized topics of interest that it tracks. Type in “Fashion” for instance and instantly all relevant articles appear. Want great content to share? Researching for a blog? Sparks will be a fabulous asset.

Google+ Search Power

The beauty of Google has always been its search power. Google+ just amps it up! It’s amazing to me how strong the search function is. Type in a person’s name or business or keyword to drill down! For example, I tried typing “Vancouver” and instantly all Vancouver people with Google+ profiles appeared! Cool! Now I can follow everyone in Vancouver or within any other search. Powerful.

I also reconfigured my own profile to include some keywords to increase my rank on “Vancouver” “Langley” “Fraser Valley” and “Social Media”. I LOVE that! Now I’ll be found! (Very similar to LinkedIn in this regard.)

It’s going to be fun to watch all the 3rd party applications jump all over themselves to incorporate Google+ too! I see a Hootsuite add-on in my very near future 😉

Finally, the way I see it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube will all still be around and used for different objectives. Google+ in my opinion will serve as my more professional conversation space, while Facebook will remain primarily friends and family and lighter content. Twitter is still my number one relationship builder and tends to be more conversational and LinkedIn is where we’ll store our connections. Don’t buy into the hype of “death to Facebook!” Get serious.

Where it will get interesting is how brands begin to leverage Google+. How will they market and engage? My ability to turn off and tune out has never been stronger so Brands will have to be uber creative in order to stay in my stream.

Want your vanity Google+ url? Thanks to my buddy Dave MacDonald for pointing me towards Gplus.to (http://gplus.to/) and follow me at www.gplus.to/tlc!

Want to dive deeper into the possibilities with Google? Visit Chris Brogan’ s Blog: The Google Plus 50 (http://www.chrisbrogan.com/googleplus50/)

4 Responses to Google+ Room for 1 More Social Network?

  1. Tyrell Mara says:

    Nicely done, Teri!

    I am enjoying the platform as well so far, however it will be interesting to see how the adoption curve progresses and then how the platform evolves to meet the needs of users. I am also interested to see what will be the biggest professional/business advantages of G+ over other social networks!
    Great tip on the GPlus as well, I am at: gplus.to/TyrellMara

    Thanks for your time and insights!

  2. Teri Conrad says:

    Hey Tyrell ~ totally agree. And no matter how creative the Brands may need to get…the real question will be “Where are your clients?” I do think Google+ will be a space primarily occupied by professionals much like LinkedIn so may not be crucial for everyone to jump in. Having said that – the last I heard is there are already 10 million Gplus users and most of the buzz is positive 😉

  3. Thank you for organizing this information so well Teri. It was the extra push I needed to get on G+. Sometimes it’s tough the see the benefits a new social platform offers.
    I just created my short id so see you there! http://www.gplus.to/MickLolekonda

  4. Teri Conrad says:

    Hey Mick…Thanks so much for your comments and glad to hear I inspired some interest 😉

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