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Pinterest 2013 Trend: Visual Marketing with Social Media

Your ability to tell your brand story visually has becoming increasingly important from a social media perspective. Any social media marketer who has been in the game for a while knows that images on Facebook get the most engagement versus a plain link. Photo contests tend to out-perform general sweepstakes for new fan acquisition (based upon 15 campaigns we at Socialized! Agency did last year).

Although Pinterest’s numbers are small compared to active daily users on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter the value of a first time e-commerce customer is double that of the other networks typically (see stats in my presentation and Fast Company InfoGraphic below). In addition to this Instagram came out of relative obscurity to bypassing the number of daily active mobile users in comparison to Twitter.

Why am I sharing this? You need to incorporate a serious conscious visual strategy into your social media marketing this year to capitalize on this trend. Here at Socialized we are in the middle of a complete re-branding with the help of Straydog Branding which will also include the creation of a ton of visual assets, templates and tools to help us tell our story and market more visually.

We will be sharing more of our strategy and insights as we progress in this process with Straydog Branding but in the meantime I have included a recent presentation I did on this topic and an Infographic from Fast Company to begin the conversation. You may also want to check out a recent blog post on branding in 2013 that Straydog recently did. Enjoy!

Pinterest Stats and Insights (Fast Company)



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