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10 Awesome Social Media Marketing Infographics

Infographics are powerful ways to demonstrate the power of social media and how it is evolving as a business tool. In fact they are visual testaments of the rising tide of truly social businesses and their success. These 10 social media infographics each focus on key statistics and strategies that are important to your social media success. You will need to click on each snapshot to see each of the  infographics in full high resolution.

#1) Social CEO’s Infographic – a Vital Ingredient to Social Media Success

I believe that leadership is the true determinant of our long term success in social media. We can fake it or even buy the community’s ear for a short time. For long term success your organization is going to lead strong leadership to evolve into a social business. This infographic really lays out facts and reasoning that should motivate any CEO to be committed to leading their organization’s social media communications.


Social CEO’s [INFOGRAPHIC] Click for full Infographic

#2) Facebook Edgerank Infographic

The elusive Facebook Edgerank! Ever since Mark Zuckerburg and his team at Facebook made it more difficult for fans of business pages to see the content in their home feeds Facebook marketers have been obsessed with increasing Edgerank. This ranking determines whether 2% or 20% of your fans see your content. This InfoGraphic walks you through what it take to get on your fans radar.

How to increase Facebook Edgerank

Facebook Edgerank [INFOGRAPIC] Click for full infographic

#3) Maximize Your Tweets Infographic – Apparently Size Does Matter?

The team over at http://fuseworkstudios.com have pulled together some great stats and insights on how to maximize your effectiveness on Twitter. Twitter is something that our team at Socialized Communications  is passionate about. It’s an incredible tool – if you use it right. This infographic is a great place to start.

Twitter best practices infographic

Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to see the entire infographic

#4) The Power of Pinterest InfoGraphic Series by Fast Company

Although Pinterest’s numbers are small compared to active daily users on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter the value of a first time e-commerce customer is double that of the other networks typically (see stats in my presentation and Fast Company InfoGraphic below). In addition to this Instagram came out of relative obscurity to bypassing the number of daily active mobile users in comparison to Twitter.

Pinterest Infographic Marketing Statistics and Demographics

Pinterest Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to see the full infographic

#5) Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics and Infographic by Insideview

It’s amazing that with all of the data and business cases out there that people are still wondering if social media is a worthwhile investment. I just stumbled across this great infographic put together by InsideView on some vital B2B Social Media Stats. If you were ever wondering if there’s a return on investment for social media marketers in the B2B space – I rest my case!

Social Media B2B Statistics infographic

B2B Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to see full infographic

#6) Battle of the Sexes (Women and Men in Social Media) Infographic

This infographic put together by http://digitalflashnyc.com/ pits men versus women in social media use and adoption. The biggest and most important lesson here for all marketers is WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE AN AFTERTHOUGHT – and too often they are, yet women dominate Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in numbers and engagement. Time to retune your marketing plan and approach.

Women in Social Media Infographic

Women versus Men in Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to see the full infographic

#7) Google’s 200 Ranking Factors Infographic

This amazing infographic by http://backlinko.com provides a comprehensive view of the 200+ factors that effect your Google ranking. If you’re willing to the pay the price outlined (including social media factors) you can have that coveted search engine position you have been looking for.

Social Media and Google Rankings Infographic

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to view full infographic

#8) How to Amplify and Market Events Using Social Media

Here at Socialized we have worked with everyone from entertainment brands like Wizard World Comic Cons to DTM Systemsand many other organizations helping them market and amplify their events using social media. We were able to take one event and generate over 50 million online impressions from 5000+ twitter and Instagram users through the process outlined in our new infographic. From golf-tournaments to fundraisers and product launches guerrilla marketers are using social media to amplify their events, drive attendance and grow their brand.

How to market events using social media twitter facebook blogging

Marketing and Amplifying Events Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to enlarge infographic

#9) Guerrilla Social Media Monitoring InfoGraphic

Social media monitoring’s value is truly realized when we know what to do with the data and the stakeholders, customers and prospects that we identify. I put this infographic together a little while back and realized I hadn’t shared it with our readers. There’s also a podcast to go with the infographic.

Guerrilla Social Media Infographic

Guerrilla Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to view entire infographic

#10) The Social Enterprise Infographic

The key of course is to put it all together and evolve to become a truly social enterprise. This infographic by the team at Gist outlines key steps and best-practices required to achieve this.

Social enterprise social business infographic by gist

Social Enterprise [INFOGRAPHIC] Click to see full infographic

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