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10 Tips To Get Free Instagram Followers

The consistently developing socio-economic impact of Instagram is a perfect demonstration of how Instagram followers are vital resources to people or organizations in need of succeeding in the present world. Globally, people are leaving no stones unturned in grabbing the opportunity to seize a measurable piece of such resources. In case you have not succeeded in creating a considerable number of Instagram followers, then you know what it means when we say that without a legitimate course of action it is almost impossible to gain the upper hand with the stiff rivalry out there.

To be of assistance to you, we have ten of the best approaches to gaining free followers on your Instagram account;

1. Update Your Account Details

Your profile needs to captivate users while ensuring that it effectively imparts trust in them about your products. That can be accomplished by changing the profile picture to one that is much attractive, up to date and can be relied upon by your targeted followers.
You ought to make sure that your profile picture completely informs them about what your brand entails.

Typically, fresh followers always feel they deserve your focus very much, and therefore it is up to you to act accordingly. Initiate alerts from Instagram to begin receiving regular and timely notifications on your posts’ comments as well as likes and take it upon yourself to immediately respond to the reactions. That is a good strategy for creating a perfect image for your brand.

2. Post Quality and Engaging Contents

Your contents’ nature and quality help determine the retaining and acquisition of followers. The photo’s background, color, and contrast are the most determinants of how it is perceived once uploaded. Therefore, take professional pictures if you intend to upload and have a reasonable amount of white, red, and blue colors in them; such colors are commonly used on Instagram as compared to the others. You can make use of editing tools like Layout and Canva to come up with high quality and captivating contents. You might consider immediately pulling off if there are any unreliable and poor quality posts to “cleanse” your account and eventually attract fresh followers.

You make an extra step of illustrating your brand’s personal touch with the target audience by posting contents that relate to their daily lives such as sharing your views on trendy and pertinent headlines and motivating stories. Users are likely to correlate with such posts and end up following you.

3. Make Use of Followers Generating Tools

There are popular follower generating tools like the one we offer, it can help you gain a significant number of followers with much ease. Those tools help you to safely, quickly, and freely acquire fresh followers by using encrypted calculations to connect you with would be followers. They also suggest to you the content to post and when to do it, in addition to professional editing of video and photo contents.

You can use the tools to instantly gain new followers other than waiting for ages to do that naturally which might never happen at all.

4. Tag the Target Audience in your Posts

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Every social medium blossom on the grounds of social network links which includes Instagram. You need to optimize on the impact of other users on site by tagging them on your posts. Just to say, ten tags help avail your content to ten additional users which increases the sharing probability by ten times. On a similar note, tagging others in your posts prompts them to likewise tag you on theirs; which is nothing less but an advantage to you since in addition to their followers, they are likely to follow you in return.

You can also use the “Geotagging” feature to tag the targeted group within a particular location which will help direct their focus on you and subsequently follow you.

5. Optimize the Prominent Hashtags and Conceptualize on Fresh Ones

To get products close to them, relating contents, as well as accounts in support of their desires, users on Instagram look for hashtags. The hashtags help increase the chances of users following you. You may take advantage of common hashtags like #TBT to post your contents for the potential followers to view and consequently follow you.

You are enabled to include a maximum of thirty hashtags on every post; hence include as many as you can but remain focused. You can also comment on prominent users’ posts with tags relating to your products for optimization purposes.

On the other hand, if you are into conceptualizing on new tags, select brief and to the point words in summing up the topic of intent to be the primary catchphrase. After that, include a comic aspect in the hashtag for you to catch the eyes of your current followers who will eventually use the same on their contents boosting its rankings and as a result bring you more followers.

6. Include Catchy Captions in your Pictures

Take time to include relevant jokes and also phrases in your pictures before uploading them rather being in haste to post and overlook such crucial elements whereby you could end up causing irreversible damage to yourself. Carefully come up with something that has the potentiality of captivating your existing followers and triggering them to comment, like, and spread it to others.

The maximum number of characters on each caption should be 2200 which is sufficient enough for you to put down your thoughts comprehensively. The captions can be used to urge your followers to like, comment or even tag their followers as well. Besides, you can connect with them in the form of posing queries and then push them in the ensuing comments.

7. Make Timely Posts

Perfect timing of posts heightens the visibility chances to the targeted audience. If you can recollect the content you previously uploaded and ended up with a significant number of positive responses, and the time and day you did that; eventually, that is the most appropriate time always to post your contents in order to increase the chances of acquiring additional followers.

It is estimated that pictures uploaded from 2.00 A.M- 5.00 P.M on Thursdays and Sundays gain the highest number of responses. You may consider trying that also to see how it fairs.

8. Market and Link your Account with the others

If you have colleagues or family members, who are yet to join Instagram you can consider luring them to create their accounts for free then follow you.

You can additionally link your Instagram account with other social sites where you are a member like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook among others. Some people might be your friends on Facebook or follow you on Twitter but not on Instagram; therefore you can take that chance to invite them to follow you. Additionally, the created link might enable the updates you make on Instagram be viewable on the other social media accounts and then pull in the viewers to follow you.

You also have the option on including your account in your business cards, promotional electronic mails, brochures and also your company’s website.

9. To be Followed, you Need to Follow.

How about you begin by doing it yourself? Taking the initiative is a short cut to triggering people to follow you rather than waiting for the situation to take its due course. Following somebody enhances the chances of that person following you in return. Instagram enables you to connect with Facebook friends together with those in your phone contact list and already have created accounts with Instagram.

With regards to the activities of your Instagram account, there are suggestions of people for you to follow and therefore it is high time you started doing exactly as suggested if you are into getting more followers.

You can still follow prominent people for you to be exposed to their numerous followers and let them benefit from you by commenting, liking, and sharing their content too. That is an ideal approach to creating a mutual relationship unless you want to risk being cut off.

10. Use the Platform to Promote your Brand

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Targeting is amongst the benefits of promoting your brand on Instagram. As opposed to just connecting with your followers, and the ones in search of your hashtags, Instagram advertisements empower you to focus on potential users you never knew of their existence before.

Promoting your brand through Instagram is based on generating quality and relevant audience that is likely to gain from your venture, give positive responses and still spread the good word of mouth about it. Proceed with moderation and constant efforts which are likely to be fruitful through enhancing your presence on Instagram and sustainable development of your business.


It is our belief that if you take the ways mentioned above into account, then you will undoubtedly get free and significant Instagram followers. You should forever have in mind that many followers are crucial, but you need to interact with them positively for you to convert them and generate profit to your venture.

Enough said, it is time to actualize the process.

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