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Complete Guide On Starting Your Instagram Journey In 2020

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about ‘Instagram’. It’s a social app that has taken the world by a storm. Your favorite celebrities, childhood, best friends and even your neighbors are on it. It was just an app where people shared their pictures but not it becomes much more. From a modest one million users in 2010, it has surpassed over a billion in 2018.

Want to start on Instagram? Here’s your ultimate guide for beginners. 

Download Instagram 

The first thing you’ve got to is simply download the app from the play store. You can also use the desktop to register however we’re sure a majority of your usage will be from your smartphone.

If you wish to use the desktop version or download the app for your smartphone, click here.

Get A Cool Username

If you have a Facebook account you can use that for an easy signup. If you don’t, you’ll have to provide your email address. After you’ve signed up, you’ll have to provide a username. You can get creative and pick a unique name or you can simply use your full name.

Your username is public and your friends can use it to search you on the platform. If it’s a business account. Make sure that the username is as close to your business name as possible.

Instagram Sign up

When you sign up, you’ll also have to provide your full name. Here, you can furnish your full business or personal name so that it becomes easier for people to look you up.

Update Your Profile

In this section Instagram allows only 150 words to describe yourself. So, get as creative as possible and write down your catchy bio. If it’s a business account, be clear about what you offer and who you are as a brand. Adding your location is also a plus point. If you own a website you can also provide that, in that way, your followers and customer can access it conveniently from their smartphone.

instagram profile


Upload Your Best Picture

The best size is 400x400pixels for an Instagram profile picture. Make sure that its clear and shows you so that your friends would know it’s your account. If it’s for a business account, your brand logo would be the best choice so that its recognizable for your customers and fanbase.

Instagram Profile picture

you can only update your profile photo through your smartphone. You also have the option to import it through your Twitter or Facebook account. You can also take a photo right from the Instagram app.

And you’re all done with setting up your Instagram account. It’s definitely instant! This whole process should take you just a couple of minutes.

Here are some other tips to make the most out of your Instagram account.

Upload, Edit, and Post!

This is the most important part. How do you upload? It’s very simple and straightforward.

Instagram is a full visual platform. Its primary goal is to allow you to share your special videos and pictures with your audience. Make sure that your account looks as aesthetic as possible.

Here’s how you can post your first insta ready picture.

At the bottom center of your screen, hit the ‘+’ icon.

instagram best photo


You’ll be provided with three options. You can scan through your phone’s photo library or you can also snap a new picture right from the Instagram app or make a new video. After you’ve selected the right picture, you can click on ‘next’ at the top right corner.

After that, you can play around with your chosen picture. You can edit it or you can use filters to make your pictures poppier. Instagram will automatically show you the available filters. You can scroll through their collection and choose the most suitable one. After you’ve chosen the filter but find it a tad too much, you can tone it down as well. Simply double-tap the filter and move left to lessen the filter’s intensity.

Instagram Edit

After you’re done, you can edit the picture as well. You have the option to adjust the brightness, structure, warmth, contrast, and more about your pictures. When you’re happy with the complete picture or you don’t want to edit anything, you can click on the ‘next’ button on the page’s top right corner.

Instagram further edit

Once you’re happy with the complete image, you have the very important duty of adding a caption. You can add any caption you can think of along with the iconic ‘#’ sign. This allows you to reach out to users that’ll search for the same captions. Some popular captions are #potd. #love, #TGIF. You can also tag someone or add your location. However, remember that you can only tag people that have an Instagram account.

instagram location

If you want to share the same post on your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, you can click the button beside them. It will instantly share the same post on all the linked accounts. After all, is done, you can click on ‘share’ on the top right corner to publish your post.

How to Share Stories?

Stories disappear after 24 hours. It’s quite similar to snap chat and offers the audience glimpses of your life. If you want to upload some content to your stories, follow these steps:

In the top left corner, hit on the camera icon.

After that, you can take a video or picture right through the app. Additionally, if you want to use a picture that you previously snapped you can click on the small square at the bottom left corner of the screen.

choose own instagram upload

And then simply choose the picture you’d like to use from your camera roll. You can also see some different editing features in the top right corner of the screen. If you tap on the smiley face you can add date, time, hashtag, location, and much more fun and cooler emojis and images to your picture. If you want to add some text, you can click on the Aa button. You can also change the font of your text by clicking on ‘classic’.

instagram story

If you press the smiley icon, the following screen will be displayed. Click on the desired icon to add them to your post. If you want to delete it, drag the icon to the bottom and a trash can will be displayed.

After you’re done, you can also swipe left and right to add filters to your post. If you’re happy with the completed post, you can share it with everyone who follows you by clicking on the ‘+your story’ button on your screen’s bottom-left corner. You can also send it to someone specific by hitting on the ‘send to’ button.

How to Follow Users?

Now, you’ll probably want to follow some users. The process is quick and simple. Here’s how to go about it:

Hover to the bottom of your screen and hit on the search button which looks similar to a magnifying glass.

After that, type in the person or brand you want to find. You can also tap on ‘places’ or ‘tags’ if you want to search those categories.

For this purpose, I searched for Kylie Jenner. When you’ve reached their account, you’ll notice a blue follow button. If the account is public you can click on it and immediately follow their account. But if the account is in private mode, you’ll have to wait for them to accept it.

instagram follow


How To Make Your Account Private?

If you’re not someone that likes to share information with outsiders you can make it private. It’s quick and simple and can be done in four easy steps.

  • Open your app
  • Next, head over to your profile section
  • And then click on the settings icon which is represented by three vertical dots
  • After that, turn on the private account button

instagram private account

After that, people will be able to view your posts and people you follow or your followers only after they send you a request and you accept it.


And that’s it! That’s the beginner’s guide to getting started on Instagram. It’s a very simple and powerful app that helps you connect with your loved ones or establish your brand.


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