Instagram Is Creative Platform for Making Money

Instagram offers many opportunities for people to make money. It is no longer just a social platform for sharing photos, but it has grown into an important business platform. Making money on Instagram is possible and there are many people that have already made significant income from it. However, selling on Instagram is a bit different from selling products and services at other e-commerce websites. Before you choose to offer something on Instagram in exchange for money, you need to do several other things first. Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, so if you want people to notice your profile you have to take the following steps.

Things to Do To Get Noticed on Instagram


If you seriously want to make money on Instagram then you must properly build your profile. Getting strong and loyal Instagram followers can be very challenging thing to do, but if you follow some right steps you will do good. You can try the following few things to increase the number of your followers and to build a professional reputation of your Instagram account.

  • Fill your account bio with important information. This includes contact information, location and what your account is about. Also put some necessary keywords and a few catchy hashtags through which people can find you more easily online.
  • Optimize the Instagram profile. Do not pick a username that has over thirty characters. Make it short and easy to remember. Ideally, your Instagram profile should be searched and found through a single keyword.
  • Regularly update and post on your profile. This is very important for increasing the number of followers and staying relevant to the competitive market. Post several quality photos every single day, but never post them all at once.
  • Take high-quality photos. Photos of highest quality will attract more visitors, while weak images will drive them away. Take all the time that is necessary to make good photographs and use a high-quality camera for that.
  • Use relevant and attractive hashtags. Your photographs will not go far if they are not accompanied by relevant hashtags. Choose hashtags from your field of working and always include them when you post something new on the platform.
  • Engage and be friendly with your Instagram followers. Good interaction is a must if you want people to become loyal customers. Take some time every day to engage and address directly to some of your followers. Post comments, like images, share interesting thoughts and opinions. If you do all this then people will be attracted to regularly check your account and see what is going on. This is a pretty good step for turning loyal visitors into regular customers.

Is Making Money on Instagram Possible?

The short answer is yes, it is possible. As long as you are committed to express your business visually and if you are creative when it comes to marketing, making money on Instagram is possible. That is how thousands of people are earning a living today.

When it comes to the ways in which you can make money, there are several of them. The easiest way is to sell your quality photographs to interested people. Another way is to become a medium for brands and focus on sponsored ads to promote something to your audience. Besides those ways, you can become an affiliate and make profits by selling other brands` products or you can choose to sell your own products or services.

Few Creative Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is perfect platform for selling photogenic products. If you can take some awesome photos of such products then you are likely to sell them quickly and make money. If you are looking for the top ways to make money on Instagram, here they are.

Visual content is what Instagram is all about. Good visual products can be easily sold on Instagram. These so-called digital or virtual products include poster photos, animations, images, drawings, paintings and short videos. If you have some pictures of high quality then chances are high that there are people out there that want to buy them.

  • Earn money from sponsored posts.

If you are an influencer on Instagram then you can approach brands and work with them to promote their products in your posts. For those that do not know, an influencer is a person that has strong online reputation and a large base of followers. Today many great brands partner up with Instagram influencers because they can bring them more customers. This way influencers can make a lot of money from brands that sell different products.

  • Sell own products.

There is no limit what you can sell online. You can purchase different products from suppliers and later re-sell them on Instagram for profits. This requires an initial investment for stocking the inventory in a spare room or a warehouse, but it can pay off later when you sell the products. Selling products directly on Instagram can be done through your Instagram Story or Instagram Posts. Just tag the products in your images and lead the followers towards your dedicated products page where they can buy the things they are interested in.

  • Become an affiliate and earn profits by selling products from other people.

Every time you sell a product from someone else you will receive a share for the sale. This might sound similar to what influencers do, but in reality these models are different.  Affiliates get commission every time a product is sold and this is part of their partnership deal with the brand. Influencers are creating awareness about certain products and receive either products or money in exchange for their help. Their help is usually looser than the affiliates. Affiliates make their profits through the promo codes and links when the clicks are converted into successful sales. Affiliate marketing is how many popular Instagram users make money today.

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